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Standard sittings are 60 mins other time lengths are available, please ask.

All sittings can be recorded if required for later reference, these are either supplied on an audio cd or available in MP3/MP4 format via a download or email.

Your sitting can either be in person, over the phone or internet via Skype or Apple FaceTime.

I try my best to make sure all online sittings are available with 24 hours.


have known Dilys for some time now and I have been very impressed with her mediumship capabilities. I have been Healer with some Clairvoyant abilities, and professionally trained by some very respected healers and mediums. Dilys’ abilities are comparable with some of the ‘greats’ in this country and abroad.
It is not easy for Healers to heal themselves, neither is it easy for Mediums to psychically investigate their situation and potential outcomes, so I have had three sittings with Dilys so far to determine the outcomes of some of my life path issues. In all cases, she has been extremely accurate in assessing my situation, and the possible outcomes have revealed themselves in the short passage of time since the sittings.
Dilys is a gentle caring person and this comes across most distinctly when she conducts her sittings. There is absolutely no need for fear or trepidation for in her presence it is like sitting with a great caring friend. Dilys and I conducted the last sitting by Skype which was quite mind blowing, because she had the information prior to the sitting by tuning in during her preparation. I am also an IT specialist so had some reservations about using IT for this purpose, there was no need as her personality and accuracy came across just as well as it would have in a face to face sitting.
Sometimes we all get a nudge from Spirit to look beyond our busy material lives and in many occasions, we feel we need to communicate with the beyond. I would always say connect with a good medium with excellent references like Dilys.
Jon Dyer, London.



ilys is an amazing, experience clairvoyant medium, and has helped me to remove many blockages from the past, that was stopping me moving forward on my journey. With such in-depth, true channeling and caring from her heart. Thank you Dilys for your help and support.
Thank you from my heart
Rosalind, Wales.


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